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On This Page: View Summary Charts & Headline results quantifying the proximity of schools to pupils, pupils to schools, and schools to each other for all available years for the selected school as well as all schools in LA as a whole by way of comparison.

The latest available () STHC Pupil Pupil Proximity & Choice Analysis results for  are summarised here as static bar charts and headline statistics. The corresponding average per-school values ???? for  as a whole are also given alongside as a comparison.

NOTE: The Proximity & Pupil Choice Analysis module is in Beta Testing and is only available to selected schools in the Dorchester - Weymouth Corridor pilot study area.

School: Pupil Proximity Breakdown
School: Pupil Walk Threshold Comparison (Pupils Gained)

School: Pupil Proximity Breakdown.
School: Pupil Walk Threshold Comparison (Pupils Lost)

School: Total Distances Travelled
School: Average Distances Travelled