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STHC Downloads - STHC Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Bid

The Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) was announced by the Department for Transport as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010. click here to see See all successfully funded projects. The Local Transport White Paper Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon, published in January 2011, placed localism at the heart of the transport agenda in order to cut carbon emissions and create local growth. A total of £560 million was originally made available through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to enable the Department to fund a number of high quality bids. Funding was topped up with a further £40 million to £600 million in 2012 to accommodate approval for a greater number of bids (with match funding being provided by local authority partners). In total, DfT awarded funding to 96 packages to 77 authorities to deliver their schemes between 2011 and 2015. Along with local contributions provided by all funded project teams, over £1 billion is now being invested in local sustainable travel. The funding announcements made were as follows: 11 September 2012, Ministers approved just under £5 million to Tyne and Wear ITA for a small project, based on the strongest elements of their Large Project proposal (which was turned down for funding in June 2012) 27 June 2012, Ministers awarded £225 million to 12 large projects (above £5 million), plus £41 million to 14 tranche 2 projects (small projects up to £5 million) 24 May 2012, Ministers awarded £113 million to 30 tranche 2 projects (small projects up to £5 million) 5 July 2011, Ministers awarded £155 million to 39 tranche 1 projects (small projects up to £5 million) This new fund makes £560m available to support sustainable transport measures over the next four years. Details on this fund can be found at The Government's LSTF presents a great opportunity to boost sustainable transport across the Metropolitan Area and tackle some of the significant transport, economic and environmental challenges that we face. In this section you may download our LSTF bid document by clicking on the image below.

LSTF Bid Document
Thanks to the 27 authorities that have signed up to support this bid – a strong vote of support for the STHC.

We should know by the end of June if the bid has been successful.

NOTE: The bid seeks approval for additional authorities to join at Tranche 2. Please contact us if your authority would like to join for the second round of funding.